The Belgo - Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Turkey delivers a wide range of services to companies that want to get started in Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg, want to develop themselves and want to support the Trade and other relations between these three countries.

These are the activities of The Belgo - Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Turkey to realize her goals;
  • To create a friendly and social relationship, to create a partnership and to exchange information with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Chambers of Agriculture, the Professional Associations, the Bank Associations and other similar associations en confederations with the same goal, founded in Turkey as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg by Turks or strangers mutually;
  • To do research about subjects concerning Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg, which interests the goal of the Chamber and to circulate that information among the members and the interested authorities;
  • To organize regularly meetings and conferences to exchange information about the current economical and professional subjects;
  • To participate directly or indirectly to expositions or fairs, to help the installation and organizations of these fairs;
  • To inform and advise the members of the Chamber aiming at the same goal, to develop the social and business relations, to organize meetings in this context and to work at this domain to realize these goals;
  • To support and advise the Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgian companies, to provide the essential information to Turkish companies willing to work with Belgium and Luxembourg and to Belgian and Luxembourgian companies willing to work with Turkey;
  • To offer help and advise with commercial and professional disagreements;
  • To organize trips to Turkey, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries;
  • To approach the Ministries, Embassies, Consulates, the Commercial Attachés and the public and private institutions aiming at the same goal;
  • To enhance the social, cultural and commercial cooperation between Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg;
  • To improve Turkey's image in Belgium and in Luxemburg and to improve the image of Belgium with the regions and Luxembourg in Turkey;
  • To act directly or indirectly as an intermediary with finding a sales partner;
  • To provide sectorial information about the Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgian market;
  • To follow the developments in the Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgian Economy;
  • To inform about import / export;
  • To guide the trade and political delegation that comes to Turkey and goes to Belgium and Luxembourg;
  • To make sure that the Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgian companies can profit from the services provided by The Belgo- Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Turkey;
The Chamber delivers all her services in neutrality and in all secrecy.

All our members profit from our services on privileged conditions.